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Public Education Presentations.
Are You A Positive Rebel?

                                                                    Since 1986, Michael has spent the past 36 years                                                                       delivering motivational and educational        

                                                                    presentations, to thousands of students of all    

                                                                    ages grades in over 3,400 schools across North                                                                       America.

                                                                    During this time, he has also delivered keynote                                                                       addresses, delivered  presentations, and        

                                                                    facilitated workshops at teacher conferences,

                                                                    pro-d-day, symposiums, or special events. That                                                                       have been held for principals, teachers, special                                                                       needs teachers, student teachers, and                  

                                                                    educational assistants on how to educated and  

                                                                    create social inclusion for special needs    


Choose A Presentation For Your Audience:


        Michael offers three topics professional educators can choose from

        for their student's and colleagues:












Approaches For Viewing And Listening To Presentations:

        Michael has two different approaches for delivering presentations to his

        audiences, they are:

              * Live and in-person at your student's school, educators conferences,

                 pro d day, symposiums, or special educational events.    

              * Virtually via Microsoft Conferencing or Zoom to specific school

                 grades or special after school learning seminars for professional


Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience:


        Michael wants to work as a member of your teaching staff to assist all

        students’s in achieving success. If the descriptions on the presentation page

        doesn’t meet your criteria, please feel free to ask him to customize his

        presentations to address the issues, challenges, and needs of all school

        students or teaching collegues. Call or text him directly at

        250-816-2989 or send an e-mail to

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