Diversity & Disability Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?


Diversity In The Work Place

Length: 60 to 70 Minutes.

Imagine playing football you're being asked to play wide-receiver during a game of pick-up football and nobody can keep up with you, but you can't catch cause your arms and hands don't work. Michael will inspire and educate your colleagues and employees to stop imagining and start thinking outside the box to find ways to access and use hidden talents, skills, and abilities held by people who function in uniquely different ways. This presentation will provide tools and techniques to your colleagues and employees to support them in understanding, including, and embracing people who come from a diverse background of different lifestyles.


Building A Bridge From Me To You

Length: 60 to 70 Minutes.

There are thousands of people within our society whose natural abilities, talents, and skills are over-looked because the working public won’t take time to see, understand, or embrace them due to their unique differences.  This presentation designed is to educate your employees by educating them on why it is important to; have a diverse workforce, by raising their awareness around; what it feels like to be left out of the workforce, how to go beyond our preconceived notions to embrace unique people, why we need to avoid negative peer pressure created from other co-workers, and ways to recognize ways to create a productive and diverse workplace. 

The Truth About Apples & Pineapples

Length: 60 to 70 Minutes.

Is it possible to have a world, economy, and work-force, where people accept one another for who they are, what abilities, talents, and skills they have, and not judge by how they act, function, live, work, and looked? The "Truth About Apples And Pineapples" is a true story that educates and inspires business people within corporations, financial institutions, and the small business sector how to look beyond a person's skin color, speech impairments, physical shape, gender, and abilities to embrace them for who they really are - a person!


Safety Is A Team Sport

Length: 60 to 70 Minutes.

Are your colleagues and employees aware of the acts of negative peer pressure and destructive forces of complacency, which can lead to a diverse, unsafe, and non-productive working environment? As an individual, I’ve participated in teams that have achieved high levels of success and safety. The driving force behind our achievements was a commitment to be responsible and accountable for their own emotional, intellectual, and physical actions while engaging with our co-workers. This presentation will support your goals to raise your organizations' levels of productivity, while at the same time creating a safer and inclusive environment in which to flourish in.