Advocacy For Disabilities Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?


INCLUSION - It Isn’t What You Say - It’s The Actions You’re Willing To Take! 

Length: 60 to 70 Minutes

Michael will teach and illustrate to the audience members, how he created his own social inclusion by turning his so-called disability into an asset by;  1) Confronting his own  self-imposed limitations, by being a Positive Rebel,  2) Assuming a self-leadership role while engaging in society’s prohibiting challenges, and 3) Taking a pro-active approach to moving beyond economic hardship using entrepreneurialism.

Don't Wait, Just Act!

Length: 60 to 80 Minutes

As a person who has been labelled as being disabled. Are you ready to take your

self-advocacy initiatives to a more successful level, have greater say in

determining the direction of your life, and build community connections that lead to experiencing genuine social inclusion? If you answer “Yes”! Then this

presentation, will ignite your thoughts, change your feelings, and fuel your            passion, too embrace a “Don’t Talk, Just Act, Don’t Say, Just Show, Don’t

Promise, Just Prove It” life-enhancing attitude and perspective. 


Intricacies Of Being An Entrepreneur

Length: 60 to 80 Minutes

The intricacies of being an entrepreneur is not just about how a person deals with the daily routines of marketing and selling their services/products, managing their business, or growing their business venture. Being an entrepreneur is about having; 1) A mindset that is positive, dedicated, and open to all possibilities, 2) The courage to be creative during times of uncertainty and insecurity, and 3) An innovative mentality that leads to successful initiatives. Within this presentation, the audience will learn how to build a business using limited financial resources, how to build up, social capital to assist in marketing your goods and services, and how to spot invisible business opportunities within times of adversity.

The Characteristics Of A Self-Adocate-preneur!

Length: 60 to 80 Minutes

As a successful self-advocate-preneur and business owner, I will explain the following four steps to being a self-advocate-preneur. Both self-advocates and advocates will understand the importance of vision, making a commitment to being a positive rebel, embracing the many challenges created by change, and escaping those dream ending excuses manifested from negative thoughts. This speech is designed to energize each audience member to believe they can become a successful entrepreneur as well.