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Helping Teachers Promote Social Inclusion and Develop Diversity In Your Schools.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

For the past 36 years, Michael has delivered

motivational and inspirational presentations to thousands of students of all ages in 3,400 schools across North America.

The time spent talking about "What Social Inclusion And Diversity Is" over. It's now time to start educate "Why Student's Need Social Inclusion And Diversity"!

Michael will also explain why it is

important to their personal happiness,

present education aspirations,

and future economic successes.    

The major point behind educating 

students is to empower them to

create social inclusion and embrace

diversity so they'll adapt to different

parts of society's population.

Michael will teach the students too:

            * Increase their knowledge and confidence to change or adapt a limiting

               situations, so everyone can fit and thrive into any kind of social activities,

               including themselves.

            * Create freedom from their own fears and anxieties while interacting with a

               myriad of uniquely different people throughout the school's and society's


            * Empower all students within the school

               and people in the community to feel

               valued, important, respected, and


            * Build awareness within each student,

               how social inclusion presents us with

               unlimited possibilities to:


                                   1 ) Have fun by experiencing a myriad of limitless activities.

                                   2) Learn, develop, and grow into a successful person.

                                   3) Pursue career aspirations which lead to financial security.

                                   4) Reach for and achieve personal goals and dreams.


School Presentation Titles And Descriptions.


        To learn more about Michael's school presentations, please double-click                  

        on the button below to learn more about his top five "Why Do We Need                    

        Social Inclusion And Diversity In The School Presentations" for students

        from Kindergarten to Grade 11. 

Modes For An Audience To Watch And Listen To His Presentations

        Michael uses two different modes to delivers his presentations to an

        audience, they are:

        * At your student's school live and in-person.     

                      There are two different scheduling and presentations options you can

                      choose from. 

                      Option No.1 -    Michael will deliver three presentations over the course of                                                           a school day.    


                                                    * Kindergarten to grade 2 - 35 minutes

                                                    * Grade 3 to grade - 50 minutes.

                                                    * Grade 6 to grade 7 - 60 minutes.

                                                    * Grade 8 to grade 11 - 60 minutes

                    Option No.2 -   Michael will deliver six - 35 minutes presentations over                                                                 the course of a single school day to grades of your choice.

        * Virtually via Microsoft Conferencing or Zoom to designated ages 

          or grade levels.

                   Virtual presentations, can be scheduled anytime throughout the daily school

                   hours, there are three different options to chose from.

                    Option No.1 - One presentation for a specifically designated grade level only.                                                                

                    Option No.2 - Two presentations for two designated grade levels only.                     

                    Option No.3 - Three presentations for three designated grade levels only.  


Michael's Special Pink Shirt Day Presentations.

        For the past 15 years, Michael has spoken at many different Pink Shirt Days to

        school and university student's and within the corporate world. As young boy

        who was bullied, he'd welcome the opportunity to visit your school to speak to

        every student about how they can help prevent bullying. For further information

        on his anti-bullying presentations, please double-click on the button below.



Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience.

        Michael wants to work as a member of your teaching staff to assist all students                 in achieving success. If the descriptions on the presentation page doesn’t meet

        your criteria, please feel free to ask him to customize his presentations to address

        the issues, challenges, and needs of all students. Call or text him directly at

        250-816-2989 or send an e-mail to

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