Are You A Positive Rebel?

For the past 35 years, Michael has delivered

motivational and inspirational presentations to thousands of students of all ages in 3,400 schools across North America.



Michael’s motivational speeches focus on

empowering students to use the Positive

Rebel’s mindset. 

        "A Positive Rebel doesn’t tolerate

        their ow negative thoughts,

        ideas of limitations, and fears

        that are self-imposed".

So the student can support and assist them-

selves in overcoming and moving beyond life’s

limiting challenges and prohibiting obstacles

which are either manifested internally in their

minds or created externally in society.

Ask yourself the following question. Do you have

teacher’s or know of parents who are dealing with

students who:

        * Aren’t very resilient when experiencing setbacks?

        * Don’t deal with the insecurity of change very well?

        * Won’t go beyond their own anxiety caused by 


        * Can’t seem to move beyond their own negative 

           thoughts and limitations?


This is the time to teach your student’s about the

Positive Rebel’s mindset, so they have the tools

and abilities to rise up and move beyond life’s 

prohibiting challenges that are stopping them

from being successful.

Once your students are equipped with the mindset of being a Positive Rebel, they’ll

be able to:


        * Rebel against insecurity and uncertainty caused by change.

        * Become more resilient by being a stronger self-leader.

        * be more effective and proactive at moving beyond limiting barriers.

        * Use creativity and innovation in solving prohibiting challenges.

        * See opportunities to succeed in adverse situations.


If you have any questions about what the Positive Rebel’s mindset is or you have some ideas on how you’d like it presented to your students. Please feel free to send an e-mail at 

Positive Rebel
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