Inspiring You To Be A Positive Rebel Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

Looking Inside The Positive Rebel!

Length: 60 to 70 minutes    

Ghandi, JFK, Mandala, Churchill, and

Golda Meir were just some of the great 

leaders who lead themselves using the

Positive Rebel’s frame of mind. WithIn

this presentation, your audience will

learn how to become a Positive Rebel so

they can move beyond their own pre-determined thought, pre-conceived limited conditioning, and uncertain feeling of false fears and notions created from insecurity, uncertainty, and anxiety 

Confidently Stepping Forward!

Length:  60 to 70 minutes    


The uncertainty of change can often lead to fear, anxiety, and self-imposed limitations. "Confidently Stepping Forward’, is a presentation where Michael 

inspires you to eliminate and move beyond your fear’s of uncertainty and insecurity, so you can be successful at accomplishing your goals. Within this presentation you'll learn how to becoming proactive and effective thinker

who sees and uses adversity as an opportunity to succeed. Through the process of removing mediocrity and spark passions, Michael helps his audience to become positive rebels that can optimize their situations. 

Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone To Embrace New Ideas.

Length: 60 to 70 minutes    

To achieve the most from life, one must constantly stretch and strive to reach their

full potential. Often this means stretching beyond one’s comfort level and embracing

new ideas and concepts. Throughout his life, Michael has been stretching beyond perceived limitations in an effort to reach his personal and professional goals. Participants in this presentation will be inspired to see their challenges as potential opportunities, and will learn techniques to stretch beyond personal frustrations in order to achieve their goals.