Emergency Service Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?


How Can I Best S.E.R.V.E. You?

Length: 80 to 90 minutes

Is a presentation designed to enhance or

build a fire fighter’s, first responder’s 

and/or police officer’s self-leadership skills

and abilities to embrace adverse challenges.


Within this training session, the attendees

will be educated and inspired to implement

the following five concepts too support them

them to become stronger leaders.

                - SEEING a vision for the future.

                - EMPOWERING and supporting others to succeed.

                - REINVENTING ourselves by continuously embracing change.

                - VIRTUALLY everything we do, starts with a thought.

                - EMBODYING our values and being accountable.

A Positive Rebel Always Flourishes!

Length: 35 to 40 Minutes

Covid-19, has caused almost everyone to deal with agitating challenges and unpredictable changes causing them to experience moments of insecurity and uncertainty. The goal of this presentation is to teach and equip people with the

positive rebel’s frame of mind. So they can feel comfortable with and move

beyond the negative thoughts, ideas of limitations, and fears which are being

created by the twist and turns of the present pandemic.  





                                                                               Looking Inside The Positive Rebel!

                                                                               Length: 60 to 70 minutes.    

                                                                               Looking inside the Positive rebel is a one

                                                                               hour speech examining the benefit as

                                                                               to why a firefighter, first responder, or police

                                                                               officer should progress throughout their career

                                                                               with a Positive Rebel’s frame of mind. Your

                                                                               audience members will be given examples

                                                                               of why it is so important to stretch their comfort

                                                                               zone to overcome situations that make us

                                                                               feel uncertain, insecure, and vulnerable. While

                                                                               at the same time to pushing themselves beyond                                                                                  their own  ceilings of condition, by ignoring 

                                                                               procrastinating thoughts and establishing

                                                                               new goals and objectives.

Safety Is A Team Sport.

Length: 60 to 70 minutes    


Are your fire fighting crews or polices officers aware of the negative acts of peer pressure and the invisible destructive forces of complacency which can lead to an unsafe and non-productive environment. This presentation will support your initiatives to increase the performance of the fire or police department you are leading, while at the same time creating a safe and unified team.

"We had the privilege of having Michael speak to our membership on three separate occasions.  Michael’s presentations are extremely motivational, reiterating that with hard work and determination, even the greatest challenges in your life can be conquered.


Extremely applicable to the challenges faced by all fire service organizations, big or small".

                                                                                Glen Noble, Fire Chief 

                                                                                Summerland Fire Department

Positive Rebel