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Advocacy For Disabilities Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

When Michael learned society had labelled him as disabled and understood what the prohibiting ramifications were, he used his own self-advocacy initiatives to turn society's falsely thought of limitations, into advantages to create opportunities for meaningful employment, financial stability, and equality as a person.        

                                                                                Mid way through the 1980's, Michael became          

                                                                                frustrated and impatient with the old traditional

                                                                                practice of self-advocacy. That's when he made a

                                                                                mind altering decision to advocate for himself

                                                                                and began using entrepreneurialism as an

                                                                                initiative and strategy for self-advocacy.


                                                                                For the last 36 years, he has been using his

                                                                                unique initiatives, strategies, and philosophies,

                                                                                                     of entrepreneurialism. To liberate                                                                                                                himself from adverse challenges,        

                                                                                                     limiting barriers, and prohibiting        

                                                                                                     obstacles constructed by society's                                                                                                                  able-bodied population.



                                                                                    While using entrepreneurialism as an          

                                                                                    advocating tool, he gained the abilities,        

                                                                                    knowledge, and confidence too:

            * Rise above economic oppression and social exclusion.

            * Increase productivity using the entrepreneurial time system rather than

               working in society's constricting results time system.

            * Raise his abilities to be more effective and successful as self-advocate.

            * Use the advocacy concepts of self-determination as a vehicle to pursue his

               desired life-long goals and dreams.


            * Grow and gain respect, integrity, admiration, and equality as a productive

               member of society. While at the same time breaking down other people's

               prohibiting mindsets.


            * Create, develop, and maintain business and community connections and

               relationships which have lead to business and  career opportunities.



























































Michael's Presentation Designed For The Following Audience:


        Michael personally designs his keynote addresses and presentations addressing                    topics and issues facing people with disabilities, professional advocates, community             service providers, special need educators, and parents who have children with


Modes For An Audience To Watch And Listen To His Presentations

        Michael uses two different modes to delivers his presentations to an

        audience, they are:


              * Live and in-person within your organization, association's annual

                conferences, or agency's special educational events.


             * Virtually via Microsoft Conferencing or Zoom to a specific self-advocate

                audience or special during working hours your professional staff.

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Since using entrepreneurialism as a strategy and

vehicle to advocate for himself. His unique

"Entrepreneurial Self-Advocacy" initiatives and

strategies have been recognized by his peers as a

humanitarian leader within the disability and

business worlds.

In September 2014, he received the prestigious

Cathleen Lyle Murray Foundation Award from

the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and

Developmental Medicine. The purpose of this

award is to recognize outstanding individuals

to non-medical professionals who have a  

productive impact in society. Through their

humanitarian efforts to change and enhance

the lives of people with disabilities.

During the of summer 2010, Michael was recognized as one of the top ten entrepreneur's within the Province of British Columbia, by the B.C. Community Futures Corporation and the Western Diversity Corporation. He was awarded this distinction for his unique way to combined entrepreneurialism and self-advocacy, while increasing the society's awareness of people with disabilities.

Positive Rebel
Michael - B6_edited_edited.png

Michael's More Memorable Keynote Speeches.


Since 1986, Michael deliver motivational and educational keynote addresses and presentation at major International, national, regional, and  community conferences and special symposiums across North America.

        - American Division on Career Development - Myrtle Beach, S.C.

          (American International Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Association of People Supporting Employment - Vancouver, B.C.

          (Inter-Provincial Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and 

          Developmental Medicine - San Diego, Ca.

          (American International Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Ontario Disability Employment Network - Toronto, Ont.

          (Provincial Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Power of Connection Conference - Atlanta, Ga.

          (State of Georgia Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Canadian Association of People Supporting Employment - Halifax, N.S.

          (Canadian National Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - American Cerebral Palsy Conference - Hartford, Ct.

          (American National Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia (North Vancouver)

          (Provincial Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Missouri APSE Conference. (Kansas City, Mo.)

          (State of Missouri Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Washington Vocational Services Conference. (Tacoma, Wa.)

          (State of Washington Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Washington State Self-Determination Conference. (Seattle, Wa.)

          (State of Washington Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Supported Child Development Conference (Richmond)

          (Community Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Able Works. (Hamilton, Ontario)

           (Regional Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Contact Conference (Saskatoon, Sask.)

          (Provincial Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - S.A.R.C. Spring Conference. (Regina, Sask.)

         (Provincial Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - International Day for People with Disabilities. (Vancouver, B.C.)

          (International Conference) - (Virtual Presentation)

        - Community Futures British Columbia - EDP Forum (Vancouver, B.C.)

          (Provincial Forum) - (Virtual Presentation)

        - People First of Louisiana Forum. (New Orleans. La)

          (State of Louisiana Forum) - (Virtual Presentation)
       - Family Support Institute of B.C.

          (Provincial Forum) - (Virtual Presentation)

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Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience.

        Michael wants to work as a member of your self-advocates, conference committee,         managerial staff, or parent group to assist you in achieving success. If the          

        descriptions on the presentation page doesn't meet criteria of your audience.

        Please feel free to ask him to specially customize a presentations to address issues

        and needs you might have. Call or  text him directly at 250-816-2989 or send an

        e-mail to  

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