Advocacy For Disabilities Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

Michael has always believed in and practiced being a

self-advocacy since learning he had Cerebral Palsy

and was labeled by society as disabled. During the

in mid 80's Michael became impatient with

implementing the traditional practices of self-

advocacy and decided to try a new and different

approach to advocate for himself.


His approach to implementing the philosophies,

strategies, and practices of entrepreneurialism.

Since initiating the actions of being an

entrepreneur thirty-four years ago, Michael has

been able to liberate himself from barriers,

obstacles, and challenges constructed by society's

limiting and prohibiting thinking. While at the

same time, being an entrepreneur has helped

Michael to increased his abilities too: 


    1) Increase his effectiveness in being a


    2) Use self-determination as a vehicle

         to pursue his desired life-long goals

         and dreams.


    3) Promote the enhancing acts of inclusion within his life while at the same 

        time eliminating acts of exclusion.

    4) Created community connections that have to lead personal happiness 

          and professional career opportunities.






















Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience.


Michael would love to build you a presentation that teaches and demonstrates to your audience members why entrepreneurialism can be used as an alternative self-advocating strategy.


Please feel free to e-mail Michael at and ask him to incorporate two or three of the following four sub-topics into your presentation.        

    * Combining the Positive Rebel's frame of mind and entrepreneurialism

       to enact a new way of advocating for yourself.


    * Using entrepreneurialism to liberate yourself from society’s prohibiting

       old myths, poor attitudes, discrimination, and lack of awareness caused  

       from limiting perspectives.


    * Rising above social and economic oppression using entrepreneurialism

       and self-determination.


    * Changing people's perspectives and perceptions using a combination

       of leadership and first example cultivate inclusion.  


     * Increasing our productivity and ability using an entrepreneurial time

        system rather than in the results time system. 


     * Creating and maintaining a personal community connection through

        the action building dignified relationships with other business people. 

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Cathleen Lyle Murray had a severe form of  Cerebral Palsy and her family established this award in her memory. The specific purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding individuals in non-medical professions on the basis of their impact on society through their humanitarian 

efforts to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. 

Michael received the prestigious Cathleen Lyle Murray Foundation award from the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy & Development Medicine in September 2014.

Michael is one of only non-American to ever receive this award over the past 74 years.

Positive Rebel

Michael's More Memorable Keynote Speeches.


One the ways he has educated and inspired society to change, is by delivering

keynote address at conference and special events:

- American Division on Career Development.

  (American International Conference)

- Association of People Supporting Employment.

  (B.C. Provincial Conference) 

- American Academy for Cerebral Palsy & Development Medicine.                           (American National Conference)

- Ontario Disability Employment Network. (Ontario Provincial Conference)

- Power of Connection Conference. (Georgia State Conference)

- Canadian Association For Supported Employment. 

  (Canadian National Conference)

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Articles & Publications

During the past thirty fours years while Michael has been using

entrepreneurialism to advocate for himself, build a professional speaking business, and become an author. Below are some articles and magazines published about him over the years. 

 Click below to read downloaded PDFs.