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Books Written By Michael

Are You A Positive Rebel?

Over the past 36 years, Michael has

spoken in approximately 3,400

public and private school through-

out North America.

While presenting to school audiences, 

he has sold copies of his children’s

storybooks, “The Truth About Apples

& Pineapples” and “Tour de Courage”, 

to school librarians, teachers,

attending parents and guests.

These storybooks have been written for

children, parents, guardians, and any

adult who supervises children.

The Truth About Apples & Pineapples

For anyone seeking to build stronger social inclusion amongst all children and prevent abusive acts of bullying. “The Truth About Apples & Pineapples” is an inspiring and educating story, as Michael shares his own childhood experiences of learning to see and accept other children’s unique differences, while at the same time not resorting to abusive acts of bullying. This book will inspire and teach the reader to respect and help each other look past each others difference to see and understand the there is value in all of us.

$26.00 this includes shipping

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Tour de Courage

Michael Bortolotto’s moving tale of learning to overcome the challenges of riding his tricycle as a toddler is not a book for children alone. Rather it is an insight into learning, parenting, coaching, and any other life experience where we are called upon to raise children. Within, is a lesson for the classroom, sports field, homework time, and all other places where we observe children’s exploration for growth and desires to achieve success.

$26.00 this includes shipping

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