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Michael uses his own personal

experiences overcoming the

challenges of being labelled

disabled and having Cerebral

Palsy. He welcomes the

opportunity to work with you

in supporting your special 

need(s) student's to learn, grow,

and  succeed while going through

school and entering into the adult

working world.

He also wants to provide you with

insightful perspectives on why entrepreneurialism and small business

ventures maybe a more liberating and viable option for special needs student's

who want to pursue a career and ways to achieve economic freedom. 

The goal of Michael's consulting service is designed and meant to support school, career, and employment counselors, teachers, educational assistants, and parents through the following two initiatives: 

1) Liberating Special Needs Youth Using Entrepreneurism.

     * Take on a self-leadership role in creating and implementing a business 

        venture that could lead to economic prosperity. 

     * Break down barriers preventing career aspirations, by using

        entrepreneurism to change able-bodied person’s perspectives of a person

        with a disability, from non-productive to productive. 

     * Use entrepreneurism as a vehicle, to create and access future career

        opportunities to work in the world.

    * Develop the Positive Rebel’s mindset, so the student can raise and build

       stronger self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, and belief in themselves. 

2) Supporting Special Needs Students To Succeed.

      * Use personal first-hand successes and failures experiences, which allowed

         me to grow and achieve while going through public school.    

      * Explain why being a proactive and effective thinker with vision is key to

         breaking beyond prohibiting academic challenges and social barriers.  

     * Promote outside-the-box creativity, while encouraging the student to

        expand their comfort zone so they can explore the potential of endless        


     * Consult on different strategies to develop common-sense thinking, so

        students will and can have the foresight to eliminate unnecessary

        time-consuming challenges.   

     * Take on the Positive Rebel’s frame of mind to play a major role in

        supporting a student with a disability to conquer own challenges, move

        beyond limiting obstacles created by life and rise above prohibiting

        barriers erected by society.

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