Emergency Service

Are You A Positive Rebel?

Since the spring of 2004, Michael

has been delivering a variety of keynote

speeches at conferences or special

events and in house training presentations

to professionals who are fire chiefs,

fire fighters, first responders, and

police officers.

During his time speaking within the

emergency service providers and

policing sector, he has been asked

to deliver presentations on:


Rebelling against negative peer pressure,

so everyone can participate and fully

be a strong contributor.                

Embracing the Positive Rebel’s frame mind to rise above and move beyond adverse

situation's of uncertainty and insecurity.

Building a stronger coherent team by eliminating the three causes of peer

pressure and destructive acts of bullying. 

Engaging and being accountable for developing one another's collective talents,

skills, and abilities.

Leading ourselves through the anxiety of change, by using vision, effective thinking,

and courage to create opportunities to be successful.      

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Comox Fire Rescue has had Michael Bortolotto speak at our fire station on numerous occasions to both our fire fighters and students in our youth program. Michael's message is very educating, inspiring, and on target with our goals. 

I strongly believe he has made a positive impact with many of the people who had attended his presentation. We look forward to working with Michael again in the near future.

                                                                                              Gord Schreiner, Fire Chief

                                                                                              Comox Fire Rescue

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All Michael's presentation's can be

delivered live and in person or through virtual conferencing using  Zoom.