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Are You A Positive Rebel?

Michael’s mentoring service is for parents who have children with special needs and are seeking to change their child's life's adverse challenges into potential opportunities to achieve unseeable and impossible successes.

* Insightful knowledge on dealing with 

   internal and external physical barriers. 

* Ideas and ways to change their child's

   adverse challenges into potential 

   opportunities to achieve unseeably and 

   impossible successes.


* First-hand experience of facing and

   moving beyond educational challenges

   in school.

* In-depth advice on how to create social

   inclusion and friendship throughout 



* Direction on how to create future career 

   opportunities and economic prosperity 

   for their child.   

This Is What You Can Expect From Michael.

Michael will contact, discuss, and assist you with any of

the related issues are listed below. 

    * Going through the education system.

    * Building inclusive friendships in the classroom

       and throughout the school.

    * Working through personal and school problems. 

    * Participating in community recreational activities.

    * Dealing with the special issues confronted by a

       teenager with a disability.

    * Confronting prohibiting challenges created by

       able-bodied people's limited thinking.


    * Using entrepreneurialism to liberate your child

       from future economic hardship.

Michael Bortolotto
Michael Bortolotto
Michael Bortolotto
Michael Bortolotto
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