Inspiring You To Be A Positive Rebel Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

Since the beginning of Michael’s professional speaking career, he has delivered countless numbers of inspirational presentations.

His audiences have consisted of conference delegates, special events guests, corporate and financial employees, professional associations,  non-profit organization members, sports teams, and special interest groups.


The focus of his presentations are designed to turn each audience member into Positive Rebel’s, so they can:

        Rebel against uncertainty and insecurity caused by change.


        Embrace self-leadership so you can progress from where you are now, to        

        where you want to be in the future.  

        Be a team player by leading, engaging, and assisting your

        colleagues to develop and grow as a team.

        Effectively and proactively moving beyond adverse challenges by asking 

        yourself proactive and constructive questions.

        Lead your colleagues using vision, teamwork, and innovation to successfully 

        achieve both personal, career, and organizational objectives and goals. 



Michael also delivers presentations to sports teams and athletes before practices, prior to important games, and during post-season playoff rounds. Using the following topics he will build specially customized presentations for your team of athletes, so they will be inspired and given the tools required to be able to reach their objectives and goals which lead to championships. 

       Create and build greater team cohesion while practising, so they are

       more intensely unified during a game.

       Achieve both team and individual success.

      See adverse challenges as opportunities to learn from, to take advantage

      of and achieve success.

      Avoid becoming a victim of complacency and self-satisfaction.

     Break-through the celling of complexity to reach high levels of performance.

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All Michael's presentation's can be

delivered live and in person or through virtual conferencing using  Zoom.