Educational School Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

Primary & Intermediate School Presentations.


                       The Truth About Apples & Pineapples.

                       Length: 30 min. for students in Gr. 1 to 3 

                       Zoom Presentation: 30 Min.

The purpose of this presentation is to teach

children to stop them from judging one

another by skin colour, dress, size, shape,

race, culture, gender, etc. Instead teach 

and inspire each student to see one another

from the inside-out, by asking questions to

understand their personalities,  interests,

abilities, and difference.      

It's A Question Of What And How!

Length: 50 Minutes - For Students From Grade 3 to 6

Length Of A Zoom Presentation: 30 Minutes.

Regardless of age, we’re all going to face adverse challenges throughout our lives.

How we chose to confront and deal with each challenge, will depend directly on the

kinds of questions we manifest from our thoughts. The key to successfully overcoming

a challenge is learning and knowing how to ask ourselves positive and constructive

questions using proactive words like “What” and “How”.  As a posed to creating

reactive questions using words such as “Why”, “When”, and  “Who” which hold us

captive by the challenge(s) we are encountering.

                           Be A Friend, Throw The Perfect Pass.

                           Length: 50 min. for students from Gr. 4 to 5     

                           Zoom Presentation: 30 Minutes.

The primary focus behind delivering this presentation is

to empower students to use the simple tools of

smiling, asking questions, listening, and understanding,

to break-down the differences and barriers which lead to

social exclusion and abusive actions of bullying.

Middle & High School Presentations.

Confidently Rising Above & Moving Beyond Covid 19!

Length 55 Minutes - For Students From Grade 6 to 12

Length Of A Zoom Presentation: 30 Minutes.

Covid 19 has and continues to created uncontrollable uncertainty, insecurity,

change, and fears causing many students to build barriers and limitations around

their lives. Equipped with the right perspective, a student can confidently rise

above and beyond the challenges caused by Covid 19 to continue pursuing their

personal goals of being happy and successful. Within this presentation, students

will learn to expand their own comfort zone, push themselves beyond limitations,

and embrace unexpected changes.


                                                                                                  Why Do You Need Social Inclusion?

                                                                                                  Length: 60 min. for students from Gr. 6 to 8

                                                                                                  Zoom Presentation: 30 Minutes.

                                                                            There is more to Social Inclusion, then seeing all                                                                                       people as valued and important. In this presentation,

                                                                            the student’s will learn why “Social Inclusion” can

                                                                            assist them in raising their self-esteem and self-worth,

                                                                            build their inner strengths and abilities, and how to be

                                                                            accepted and seen as a contributor in school        

                                                                            and throughout society.

Looking Inside The Positive Rebel!

Length: 60 minutes - For students in Grades 6 to 12.

Length Of A Zoom Presentation: 40 Minutes.

Michael will teach and inspire your student’s how a

Positive Rebel’s frame of  mind can draw them closer

to their dreams of being successful. But what exactly 

is a Positive Rebel, this is a person who doesn’t tolerate

their own negative thoughts, ideas of limitations, pre-

conceived false conditioning and fears which are

self-imposed. Through the process of being a Positive

Rebel, students will be able to move beyond those

prohibiting challenges, obstacles, barriers, and

problems they’ll face while pursuing goals and dreams.

Covid 19, Starts By Being A Positive Rebel!

Length: 50 Minutes - For Students From Grade 7 to 12

Length Of A Zoom Presentation: 30 Minute


At some time or other in our lives, we all have a desire to be rebellious! This is your opportunity to teach your student’s how to be rebellious in a constructive and

productive way so they can deal with uncertain challenges of Covid 19. Using Michael’s

own rebellious strategies of being a positive rebel, he will inspire your student’s to not tolerate their own: 1) Negative thoughts, 2) ideas of limitations, and 3) Self-imposed

fears to move beyond Covid 19 and continual pursuing their educational goals and

dreams for their lives in the future.

A Formula For Success!

Length: 60 minute presentation, intended for students in Grades 7 to 12.

Length Of A Zoom Presentation: 40 Minutes.

When you add up passion, talent, action, and association, you have a winning formula for success. Providing students with this knowledge will empower them to realize they can achieve their desires, goals, and dreams regardless of any immediate challenges or obstacles they may or are likely to face. 

Michael Bortolotto
Positive Rebel
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