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About Michael

Are You A Positive Rebel?

While growing through my childhood and teenage years, I was surrounded by some extremely caring and influential people who encourage me to think and dream big!  


Being young and gullible, I followed their direction and took the innocent steps towards pursue my dreams. Only to be confronted with limiting challenges caused by my Cerebral Palsy and prohibiting barriers created by able-bodied people throughout society. Being naive, I still continued approaching society looking for opportunities to initiate actions to achieve my dreams, only to face further discriminating obstacles.

Having nowhere to go, I went searching for answers by reading different books, on how to be successful at achieving my dreams. That’s when I discovered and learned about the power of the Positive Rebel’s mindset of rebelling against one’s own self-imposed, negative thoughts, ideas of limitations, pre-conceived false conditioning, and fears.

Using the strength of the Positive Rebel's frame of mind, I lead and guided myself beyond all negative forces which caused adverse challenges and prohibiting barriers. As a Positive, I’ve been able to use my god-given speaking abilities and presenting talents, access and take advantage of life’s opportunities, and experience the success of dreams becoming a reality.

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