Diversity & Inclusion Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

For companies, organizations, and businesses 

looking to develop or improve upon their 

strategies to attract, retain, or engage their 

work-force in a more inclusive, diverse, and 

productive environment to succeed in.  

Using his first-hand experiences, Michael will 

offer your colleagues, supervisors, and front-

line workers two different perspectives as an 

individual who has been labelled by society as 

being uniquely different.  First, he’ll focus on 

the positive steps and strategies to building an 

inclusive and diverse working environment 

that is welcoming, successful, and productive. 

Finally, he’ll look at the prohibiting challenges 

an organization or employee can cause to a 

uniquely different person working in a 

negative and exclusive environment.







Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience.


If you have any specific issues, concerns, or new ideas around improving or further developing an inclusive and diverse work-force within your organization. Michael would welcome the opportunity to tailor-make a presentation to meet your needs. Within your desire to have him build a special presentation just for you. please feel free to incorporate two or three of the following five sub-topics with your request.


    Reaping the benefits and rewards of building a diverse and productive

    work-force using a variety of unique people.


    Using the positive rebel's frame of mind, to move beyond any prohibiting                temptations, too manifest negative thoughts, create ideas of limitations, and           believe in false perceptions towards people who are uniquely different. 


    Capitalizing on the unlimited potential and productivity that exists within our           population, of uniquely different people.


    Tapping into unseen abilities, talents, and skills hidden by a person's uniquely         different characteristics.


    Break-downing individual differences by bridging the knowledge gap between        asking better questions and understanding one another.

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All Michael's presentation's can be

delivered live and in person or through virtual conferencing using  Zoom.


Read articles Michael's published in Human Resource Magazines on diversity and inclusion. Click below to read downloaded PDF's.