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Corporate Diversity & Inclusion

Are You A Positive Rebel?

For those corporations, organizations, and

businesses looking to develop or improve

inclusive and diverse work-force.

 Michael will use his first-hand experiences

to teach your colleagues and employees how

to accept people who are labelled as

different, by:

            1) Focusing on the positive steps

                 and strategies to build an  

                 inclusive and diverse working


            2) Examining the prohibiting obstacles created around an uniquely different

                 person, stemming from your employees unjustified peer pressure, 

                 behaviours and actions.


           3) Reaping the benefits and rewards of building a diverse and productive

                 work-force using a variety of different people.


            4) Using the positive rebel's mindset to move beyond any prohibiting

                 temptations, too manifest negative thoughts, create ideas of

                 limitations, and believe in false perceptions towards people who

                 are disabled.

            5) Tapping into unseen talents, abilities, and skills hidden by a person's                                        uniquely characteristics.


Keynote Addresses And Presentations Title's And Description's.


         To learn more about Michael's keynote addresses and presentations,

        please double-click on the button below to learn.

Modes For An Audience To Watch And Listen To His Presentations.

        Michael uses two different modes to delivers his presentations to an

        audience, they are:

              * Live and in-person.    

             * Virtually via Microsoft Conferencing or Zoom. 

Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience.


        Michael wants to work as a member of your staff to assist all members of your

        audience achieves success. If the descriptions on the presentation page doesn't

        meet criteria of your audience. Please feel free to ask him to specially customize a

        presentations to address issues and needs you might have. Call or  text him directly

        at 250-816-2989 or send an e-mail to  


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