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Motivational Presentations.
Are You A Positive Rebel?

 Since 1986, Michael has spent the past 36 years delivering motivational                 keynote addresses and educational presentations to administrators,                managers, employees, and athletes in corporations,

financial institutions, small business sector, fire

and police departments, first responders, and 

sports teams across North America.

         “Wow! Michael Bortolotto,  The Positive Rebel,

             really puts things in perspective! In these times

             of overwhelming negativity, stress and                                 

             tumultuous change, Michael offers a different

             and positive perspective, and gives us tools to

             face the challenges of today’s world that are                                   

            inspiring and thought provoking. The result?

            Less negative distraction, and more focus on

            dealing with “the world” from a positive point

            of view. I came away from Michael’s presentation

            refreshed and much better prepared to face

           change. Thank you Michael.”

                                                                  Bob Anderson

                                                                  FortisBC Inc.

Choose A Presentation For Your Audience:


            Michael offers three distinct kinds of

            presentations choose from for your                 

            colleagues, working staff, and team members











Approaches For Viewing And Listening To Presentations:

        Michael has two different approaches for delivering presentations to his     

        audiences, they are:


              * Live and in-person at your conferences, training centre,                                                      symposiums, or special events.    

               * Virtually via Microsoft Conferencing or Zoom to specific audience

                  or special in-house event.

Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience:

        Michael wants to work as a member of your colleagues to assist raising their

        level success. If the descriptions on the presentation page don’t meet criteria           of your audience. Please feel free to ask him to specially customize a         

        presentations to address issues and needs you might have. Call him directly at

        250-816-2989 or send an e-mail to                     

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