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Are You A Positive Rebel?

Equity is based on access and opportunity with the understanding that we each start with different advantages and disadvantages and thus have different needs to attain access and opportunity. Using a pedagogical approach to learning is a way students and teachers can strive for and achieve equity in the school and classroom.


           “A powerful example of pedagogical is where teachers

           and students create a curriculum of creating awareness,

           understanding and learning together. The teacher

           becomes more of a mentor or coach helping to support

           students achieve their learning goals”.

Within the pedagogical approach to strive for and achieve equity in the school and classroom. There are five major components that need to be followed, they are: 1) Constructive, 2) Collaborative, 3) Integrative, 4) Reflective, and 5) Inquiry-Based Learning.


One of the strategies students and

teachers can use to implement the

five major components of the

pedagogical approach is to adopt a

Positive Rebel’s frame of mind. Once

equipped with the Positive Rebel’s

a frame of mind, they’ll have a

strategy to stop any potential abusive

attitudinal barriers, by maintaining

awareness over their moment-by-

moment thoughts, feelings, and actions.

          “Attitudinal barriers are pervasive perceptions,

          pervasive perceptions, negative values, abusive

          thoughts, and exclusive actions towards 

          specifically targeted students who have been

          identified as being different”. 

Teaching your students to adopt and become Positive Rebel’s will support the initiatives of building equity in the school and classroom by achieving 5 specific goals, they are:


           #1 - Prevent social limitations from occurring in the school

                   or classroom resulting from the creation of student's

                   attitudinal barriers.

           #2 - Provide an environment where all students can access

                    opportunities to participate and perform daily school

                    tasks, assignments, and social activities.

            #3 - Stop divisive and abusive acts caused by false or negative

                    biases, stereotypes, and prejudices that lead to racism.

            #4 - Conduct themselves with greater responsibility, respect,

                     empathy, and be more open towards students who’ve been

                     identified as being different.

            #5 - To learn, understand, and embrace equity as beneficial for

                     all students, including themselves.




If you have any ideas or questions as to how Michael can assist your teaching staff and you continue cultivating equity in your school and classrooms. While at the same prevent social limitations created from student’s attitudinal barriers, please feel free to send Michael an e-mail at  

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