Educational School Presentations.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

The topics his presentations focus on


Rebelling against peer pressure and

misconstrued stories which prevents 

social inclusion and leads to abusive

acts of bullying.

Embracing and including all students

in your life regardless of their

unique differences.

Building social inclusion throughout

your school’s student population 

begins with asking ourselves,

“Why is social inclusion important

to me”?

Eliminating our own prohibiting negative thoughts, ideas of limitations, 

pre-conceived false conditioning, and fears, by using the Positive Rebel’s

mindset to achieve success and happiness.

Laying out a plan for success, begins with implementing using the following

formula “P + T x A2”. 

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Besides delivering speaking to students,

he also delivers specially designed

presentations for professional educator's 

who teach and assist student’s with special

needs. Michael welcomes the opportunity

to deliver a presentations which covers

two of the following three topics:

Adding more social inclusion within the

social fabric of a school so that student’s

with unique backgrounds or special needs

can participate as equals.

Destroying barriers which prevent career aspirations facing student’s with

special needs, by using entrepreneurism as a means of liberating themselves

from society's lack of awareness, prohibiting attitudes and limiting myths. 

Developing and guiding a student with special needs to think, use their common sense, be creative and innovative, and have the courage to go beyond their comfort zone, so they can create and live an independent life with equally valued career of opportunities. 

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All Michael's presentation's can be

delivered live and in person or through virtual conferencing using  Zoom.

For the past 34 years, Michael has delivered

presentations to thousands of students of all ages in 3,300 schools across North America.