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Educational Presentations For
Professional Educators And Teachers Assistants.

Are You A Positive Rebel?

For the past 36 years, Michael has delivered

motivational and educational presentations to professional educators across North America.

                                                           In the mid 1960's, when Michael started grade one

                                                           in the public school system, the local school district                                                                        and provincial education system didn't have the

                                                           special mainstreaming resources to support

                                                           students with disabilities. As a student with Cerebral

                                                           Palsy, he found himself in a unique situation of    

                                                           being student, an educator to his teachers, and a

                                                           pioneer in the education system.


                                                          During his twelve years of going through the public                                                                         school system, Michael was continually solving the                                                                         uniqued challenges created by his body, academic

                                                          requirements, social barriers, and low awareness

                                                          within the school population. While at the same

                                                          time been a pioneer in educating and changing the

                                                          perspective of school administrators, principals,          

                                                          teachers and able-bodied students.          

Drawing from his first-hand experiences, Michael will offer all educators a unique       perspectives on how to support students work through their own disabilities, school challenges, and all future prohibiting barriers created the able-bodied community. Depending on your presentation requests, Michael will deliver insight and advice on teaching students with disabilities too:

            * See their natural given talents and abilities first, instead of  allowing                                      themselves to focus on being limited.

            * Turn what they may perceive as a limitation, into opportunity to be                                        successful in life.

            * Use entrepreneurialism as a self-determining initiative to advocate                                       and liberate themselves from society's prohibiting financial  


Educational  Presentation Titles And Descriptions.

        To learn more about Michael's school presentations, please double-click                             on the button below to learn more about his top four educational                                    

        presentations for school administrator, class room teachers, special needs                         teachers and teachers assists

Modes For An Audience To Watch And Listen To His Presentations.

        Michael uses two different modes to delivers his presentations to an

        audience, they are:

              * Live and in-person at your conferences, pro d days forums, and                                                specific educations association events.


             * Virtually via Microsoft Conferencing or Zoom to your specific audience.






















Customizing A Presentation Just For Your Audience.

        Michael wants to with you to assist all members of audience in helping                                 special needs students in achieving success. If the descriptions on

        the presentation page doesn't meet criteria of your audience. Please feel

        free to ask him to specially customize a presentations to address issues and

        needs you might have. Call or  text him directly at 250-816-2989 or send an

        e-mail to  

Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 2.36_edited.png

Rememberable Keynotes And Presentations:


Since 1986, Michael deliver motivational and educational keynote addresses

and presentation at major International, national, regional, and community

conferences and special symposiums across North America.


        - American Division on Career Development - Myrtle Beach, S.C.

          (American International Conference) - (Keynote Address)

         - Faculty Associate, Prof, Development Program - (Burnaby, B.C.)
         (University of Simon Fraser Symposium) - (Keynote Address)

        - Grant McEwan College/University - Edmonton, Alt.

          (Provincial of Alberta Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Ontario Disability Employment Network - Toronto, Ont.

          (Provincial Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Power of Connection Conference - Atlanta, Ga.

          (State of Georgia Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Learning Assistance Teacher’s Association of B.C        

          (Province of British Columbia Symposium) - (Presentation)

        - BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils - Vancouver, B.C.)

          (Province of British Columbia Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Washington Vocational Services Conference. (Tacoma, Wa.)

          (State of Washington Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Washington State Self-Determination Conference. (Seattle, Wa.)

          (State of Washington Conference) - (Keynote Address)

        - Surrey School District Special Needs Conference - (Surrey, B.C.)

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